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The HW499 flow wrapper for biscuits on edge in length slug package style is designed on the chassis of HW299 and includes a fully servo integrated system with single or twin product’s slugs cross transfer system operating at up to 150 ppm in single configuration.

The HW499 standard supply includes an in-feed bar chain with continuous crumbs removal and product length measurement systems, a fully servo product transfer with pre acceleration feature for gentle product handling, a product aligner to secure the slugs remaining perfectly in position, a twin set of side belts to hold the products firmly upright over the fin seal rollers set area and at the intake of the cross sealing crimper head, a mechanical gusseting device for superior package appearance.

HW499 operates at the highest level of efficiency incorporating a Sercos III based motion control processor with multi axis servo drive and motor package. User friendly intuitive menus MMI as well as reduced change over time, easy to perform interface tasks with any equipment upstream, high degree of sanitation accessibility and uncompromising quality of the components and craftsmanship are just few of the additional features of this dependable flow wrapper.

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