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The HCL series slug’s counting loaders are specifically engineered systems to handle round products that cannot tolerate major stress as they arrive from the production/cooling lines and requiring to be wrapped on edge with or without trays in set numbers. Typical example of these products are any chocolate round enrobed biscuits or cakes, like jaffa cakes, that would be damaged by products contact and pressure in typical lane’s reductions and stacking operations.

The HCL loader receives the products on the flat in a set number of lanes from an upstream conveyor belt. The lanes may require a channelling board to easy the their seclusion between stainless steel guides on an accumulation belt. The rows of products are then paced by mean of an indexing system that releases perfectly pitched and aligned rows of products across the belt width.

The products are received onto separate sliding chutes fitted with a star wheel lifting the products in upright position and step forward to received any following ones. A front finger secures the position of the first product. On completion of the counting of the products in the selected pieces configuration the slug is deposited onto the flights of a bar chain running beneath carrying the trays.

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